5 Reasons To Grab Your Friends & Attend a Melbourne Cup Event

Forget about dingy diners and pub grubs, Melbourne Cup is the day to dine and drink in opulence. Melbourne Cup is the one time a year where day drinking is the most extravagant thing to do! This reason alone should have you and your friends in search for the best race day events in and around Brisbane.

The best part about the Melbourne Cup has to be getting into the This includes dressing up, indulging in nibbles and bevvies, watching the race in 4k, placing bets, soaking up live entertainment and enjoying the air of sheer excitement. Participating and getting involved in Melbourne Cup celebrations is an iconic experience and made even better with friends when shared with friends!

Here is our list of 5 Reasons To Grab Your Friends & Attend a Melbourne Cup Event:

1. Fashion

melbourne cup

Melbourne Cup dress code… what exactly is it? Different style events will have different dress codes: dressy casual, cocktail or black tie. With a group of friends, you can never go wrong or feel overdressed, and with a group chat, you will have all the answers and options you’ll need. We say strength in numbers! So glam up, get some new and desperately needed Facebook profile pictures and use that boost of confidence and class to celebrate the day away…

2. Betting on the races

There is no better day to bet on Ladbrokes or make friendly wagers with mates than November 2nd. The bane of the Melbourne Cup’s existence is extravagance and money – in other words, dressing up and placing bets. Some friends may test their luck and place money on their favourite horse while others make friendly competitions between one another. No matter what type of betting you choose, an event with a big screen and live spirited commentary will have both betters and non-betters feeling the thrill of adrenaline and victory. It is also worth mentioning that if you do win, the feeling of winning in front of an audience is phenomenal. 

3. The food

melbourne cup

The beloved horse race has become a beloved day of drinking. You can count on your mates to keep you in check but can also count on a huge plate of delectable and enticing food. For an afternoon of drinking, why not keep your insides in check with a fancy fist full of food. If they are serving top-notch drinks and delicious cocktails, they are definitely serving good food.

4. A day of socialising

Melbourne Cup is the perfect excuse to get your friends together, socialise and make up for lost time – we’re talking, lost friend time. From cancelled events to lockdowns and border closures, precious time to spend with friends and family seems to keep disappearing. November 2nd is the time for you and your friends to be spoiled with glamour, fun times and happy memories. After all, what is more fun than an afternoon of horses, live performances, prizes for best-dressed, giveaways, drinks and iconic fashion?

5. The deals

melbourne cup

Last reason, and maybe even the most important of all, you’ll be able to get a table for your crew. Odds are the event will have a drinking package for the entirety of the afternoon, so no overpriced drinks and no rushing to that next bar! You can be present in the moment, enjoy the sunshine changing to sunset and comfortably sit at your own designated table.

Melbourne Cup is an invitation to get the gang together for a day of flashy celebrations. This Melbourne Cup day, Northshore Harbour Café is hosting their exclusive Melbourne Cup Luncheon. Enjoy a delicious range of chef-inspired meals and canapes, a 3-hour drinks package and all the action live on the big screen. The best part is that you can do this right on the water’s edge! Northshore Harbour’s breathtaking waterfront location offers magical river views and an extravagant backdrop for your group photos. So bring family, friends or colleagues and be enticed by the jovial day full of eats, drinks, live music, prizes and races. The horses might be the stars of the day, but the lively atmosphere at Northshore Harbour is unmatched!

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