Our Favourite Wedding Gift Ideas

Gift giving can be hard, especially when it’s for an occasion as special as a wedding. We all want to give the perfect gift, one that will be appreciated by the recipient, that we know they will cherish as opposed to being shoved in a drawer and eventually thrown out. However, giving the perfect wedding gift is simple, whether the happy couple are close friends or simply just a casual acquaintance. Read on to hear our secrets regarding the top wedding gift ideas.

1. An experience gift

What comes after the couples’ big day? The honeymoon of course! Make theirs extra special by gifting them an experience they can partake in on their honeymoon. Gifting Owl is a global experience gifting platform allowing you to gift and book thousands of activities around the world. Give the couple an experience unique to their honeymoon destination; whether that be a wine tasting experience on an Italian honeymoon or if they’re travelling to Thailand, perhaps an island day tour. Don’t know where the couple are headed to on their honeymoon? Gifting Owl are experts in experience gift vouchers. Simply choose how much you’d like to give; the value of your gift voucher can be used on any experience worldwide, allowing the couple to choose where and what to spend it on. An experience gift will give the newlyweds a positive lasting memory and unlike a material gift, will never be thrown away. Check out Gifting Owl’s top wedding gift experiences here.

2. Something for the home

Marriage symbolises the joining of two lives, the beginning of a new family. As cliche and uninspired as it sounds, a newlywed couple is sure to appreciate a little something to help out in building their home. Be it as simple as a new cutlery set or a pair of wine glasses, or something they may not have even known they needed, like an air fryer or coffee maker. A gift for the home is perfect for a couple who are moving into a new home together or for the couple who you don’t know that well. If considering a home ware gift, see if the couple already have a gift registry available – that way you’ll ensure you give them a gift you know they’ll definitely appreciate, as they’ve already asked for it!

3. Pamper them

Planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of work and has probably caused the bride and groom their fair share of stress. Help them relieve some of that wedding stress by surprising them with the gift of a day spa. Book them in for a couples massage, or a full-day spa pamper package. The couple is sure to appreciate the excuse for a romantic day out together – especially once the honeymoon is over and normalcy begins to trickle in. A pamper gift is perfect for the couple who love to indulge.

Giving the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you go the traditional route or change things up with an experience gift, the newlyweds are bound to appreciate any gift, both big and small.