Kat & Kate’s Rustic Garden Wedding

“It’s not about choosing a girl over a boy, it’s about choosing happiness over society”.

Kat and Kate’s wedding was unique in that they were among the first couples to be married right after same-sex marriage became legal in Australia. Being surrounded by everyone they love on the best day of their lives was everything they could have asked for.

The Wedding

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These lovely brides had the most beautiful rustic garden wedding, using the natural beauty of the parklands and waterfront at Northshore Harbour.

Right as the brides were being pronounced Wife and Wife, the perfect downpour graced the couple. While many fear rain on their wedding day, especially when their wedding is outdoors, it is actually a good thing! Not only does rain bring good luck, but according to Kat and Kate’s celebrant, it means fertility. With the celebrant’s announcement of fertility, a family member screamed “YES!”. Kate’s comment to that was, “like she needed any more encouragement as she can’t wait to be a grandma”.

The ceremony set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Everyone was lighthearted and full of excitement to be celebrating the love and happiness of Kat and Kate.

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During a wedding, there are those moments that make your heart absolutely melt and make you say “ahhhh” with that gushing smile. One of these moments came when Kate surprised Kat with fireworks. Kat’s reaction to the surprise was one of the most memorable moments of the wedding.

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Bride Shoutouts

Huge shout out to our family for helping set up the venue so perfectly, as well as Kat and her OCD traits to make sure everything was perfect!

Shoutout to Caitlin at A Little Cake Place for our divine cake, Scott from Aerial Pyro-Tech for our amazing fireworks display that surprised everyone including my beautiful Bride and to our photography crew from Insta Kombi and Dreamlife.

Thank you to Megan, Ellie and the team at Northshore Harbour for being the most amazing hosts from the very first meeting to all the emails and phone calls right up until the end of our night, things couldn’t have gone any smoother.

The Honeymoon

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Kat and Kate took a mini honeymoon to Bali. They are currently loving every moment of married life and are planning their next adventure together.

Northshore Harbour is among the most stunning garden wedding venues Brisbane offers. Nestled among the parklands and private waterfront beach, the venue caters to intimate weddings, offering the natural beauty of the surroundings as a backdrop to weddings.

Northshore Harbour is also proud to support Equal Love. To us, Love is Love.  Every couple is welcome at our venue.