Share a coffee with your favourite four-legged friend

Everyone can agree that dogs and coffee are two of lifes greatest pleasures. There is nothing more satisfying than a cuddle with your furry friend or sipping on a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. As avid dog lovers and enthusiastic coffee drinkers, Northshore Harbour knows these joys too well.

Locals can finally rejoice as Northshore Harbour Cafe introduces puppucinos – the first puppu-anything to finally hit the upcoming area of Northshore, Hamilton.

The Cafes new pet-friendly offering was brought to light after we saw how many locals would sit and relax at our location with their furry friends by their side. Now, as you order your usual skim latte, you can order your pet a puppucino.

Made with the highest level of attention by Northshores talented baristas, each ‘cino is prepared with warm frothy milk and topped off with just a hint of cinnamon. Each ‘cino is also served with a tasty little biccie (what’s a tea or coffee without a biscuit?).

You can opt to take a seat outside the cafe, or you can opt for a takeaway option where you can take a short stroll over to the parklands and stretch out on the lush green grass.

Prior to launching our new pet-friendly menu item, we of course had to sample our new ‘cino with some local pooches. We can confidently say that our sample group (filled with big, little and fluffy dogs) absolutely loved their treat.

Next time youre going for a morning coffee, meeting a friend, or taking a morning stroll, treat your favourite four-legged friend to a fantastic puppuccino.

Fair warning – pooches are lapping up their cino’s pretty quickly, so prepare for your dog to make a little bit of a mess and maybe even don a milk moustache.

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