By Sarah Luthy (Gwen Floral Co.)

We’re letting you in on the best SIX secrets when planning your wedding flowers to save you time, money and stress, and so that ultimately your flowers will impress your guests, enhance the atmosphere of your day, and make your photographs look even more beautiful!

Wedding Flowers Brisbane
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1.  If you’re considering DIY flowers, then you may want to reconsider

Unless you’re a florist, or have significant experience designing with flowers, it really is much harder than it looks (and harder than what many wedding blogs might suggest). It’s messy, sweaty, challenging and time-consuming… You’re bound to ruin your freshly done nails and tan – and do you really want to be stressing the week leading up to your wedding (or even worse, the night before the wedding!) trying to get it all done? Experienced florists will also know (and be able to source) the exact varieties and colours that are required to achieve the look you desire. Trust us when we say, it’s usually best to leave this stuff to the professionals.

2. Choose a florist you can really trust

It’s so important that when selecting any vendors, that you select a vendor that you really connect with, and of course one who has a style that you LOVE – and it’s no different for the flowers! There are florists, and there are florists… Be sure to choose someone that you really trust will be able to bring your vision to life. You’d hate to look back on your wedding day with regrets, wishing you had just spent the extra buck and gone with your ‘dream florist’ because the flowers weren’t quite what you had imagined, or the florist you chose didn’t deliver what they had promised. The right florist will save you stress and time, and hopefully will make this process smooth and enjoyable for you!

Wedding Flowers Brisbane
Angela Cannavo Photography

3. Re-purpose items from your ceremony at your reception

This has got to be one of our favourite tips. If you’re spending the money, why not get the most value out of it as you can! There’s no point having a gorgeous arbour that you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on, just sitting outside not being appreciated while your guests are partying inside! If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, why not organise your florist or wedding coordinator (or even just some handy guy friends with muscles!) to carry the arbour inside and re-purpose it behind your bridal table as a gorgeous backdrop behind you and your new spouse – or even as a photobooth area, or a backdrop behind the cake table! Other ways to re-purpose ceremony decor, could be to pop any aisle posies that might be tied to the chairs during the ceremony into some jars, and place them around your reception! Or depending on the style of your arbour flowers, they may be able to be uninstalled and re-purposed as a bridal table feature. If you plan on re-purposing your ceremony items, be sure to let your florist know so that they can design it accordingly (if they are unaware of your plans to re-use it elsewhere, it may look a bit odd in the new space if they don’t design it with the two spaces in mind).

4. Consider cutting out the smaller items to invest in the bigger pieces!

Some people are choosing to leave out the ‘wearable’ flowers like buttonholes and corsages, and putting this value toward a statement item that they’ve been dreaming out, like a gorgeous arbour or hanging installation. I mean, will your Aunt Patricia or Grandpa Bill really mind not having a corsage or buttonhole pinned onto their outfits?

Wedding Flowers Brisbane
Angela Cannavo Photography

5. Down-size your bridesmaids bouquets to save some $$$

Not much to explain here really – just a simple way to save a few pennies if you don’t really mind what your bridesmaids are holding. Side note: we’d still suggest that you get your florist to make these and don’t just DIY them for the sake of cost. Even if they’re smaller, you still want them to match! Otherwise, you do run the risk of things not matching, looking a little out of place!

6. Allow your florist to make suggestions

Sure, you might have a pretty clear and set idea of what you are wanting. But if your florist is experienced, they would have done many, many weddings before. They might suggest a slightly different colour that you hadn’t thought of, to really bring out the tone of your bridesmaids dresses! Or they might make a suggestion on a slightly different kind of arrangement to best suit your venue. Definitely be open to their suggestions; you don’t have to go with what they say, but who knows, their suggestion might just end up being your most favourite detail of your florals! 

Still planning the flowers for your big day? Sarah from Gwen Floral Co. would love to hear from you!

Images by Angela Cannavo Photography